18 de enero de 2009

Jeff Keen - Flik Flak (1963)


'Jeff Keen has been collecting props from dumpsters and toy shops, spray painting them, setting fire to them and animating the results for forty years. His underground films pre-date Warhol, his fans include some of the most notorious and legendary figures in the world of cinema. Forget the so called greats of the silver screen, the true cinematic visionaries are elsewhere, hidden away, woefully neglected by the bulk of historians, working like alchemists with their old super 8 cameras, chocking refrigerators full of nearly out of date stock and bizarre props made from scrap or purchased in bulk from the pound shop. Jeff keen is one such figure, a true great of the avant-garde, experimental and underground film...' Jack Sargeant

3 comentarios:

  1. Jejejejej, te me has adelantado ;-)
    Su 'Marvo Movie' me dejó con ganas de más. A ver cuándo sale ese boxset del BFI...

  2. Anónimo10:42 p. m.

    me recuerda al VAMPAFULL de DDLM's; sin embargo, también flik flak es genial.

  3. Pues ya tiene fecha de saldia: 23 de Febrero


    Como curiosidad, parece que va a ser el 1er lanzamiento de cine experimental en blu-ray...