16 de octubre de 2010

New Landscapes for the New World

El 10 de noviembre se presenta en el Pacific Film Archive de Berkeley un ciclo de sesiones de cine y vídeo experimental español programado por Garbiñe Ortega. New Landscapes for the New World es el título escogido para englobar tres programas titulados Inner Geography, There's something elseSpanish Cooking and its Indigestions -este último comisariado junto con Gonzalo de Pedro-.

My Tears Are Dry (2009) Laida Lertxundi


"In these recent experimental films and videos from Spain, exterior landscapes describe emotional states while inner landscapes speak about the physical world. Two super-8mm cameras, in an improvised game, follow Michael Snow’s “path” in Albert Alcoz’s Forth and Back and Forth. Inspired by Bruce Baillie’s All My Life, Laida Lertxundi’s My Tears Are Dry uses a song by Hoagy Lands. It is at once bright and melancholic, but ultimately, about moving forward. The camera tenderly reveals all the possible stories between two people in Theory of Bodies by Isaki Lacuesta. In The Fence a group of fishermen and their net beautifully fill the frame as they try to dominate nature. Víctor Iriarte’s The Sea is a diary of a city that you can swim through—or a map of childhood memories. Fernando Franco creates an essay about the use of space and time in Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman in his Les variations Dielman. In First Person León Siminiani records his feelings and thoughts in a touching metacinematic notebook". (Garbiñe Ortega)

-Forth and Back and Forth (Albert Alcoz. 2007, 3 mins, B&W)
-My Tears Are Dry (Laida Lertxundi, 2009, 4 mins, Color)
-Teoría de los cuerpos (Theory of Bodies, Isaki Lacuesta. 2004, 5 mins, B/W,)
-El cerco (The Fence, Ricardo Iscar, Nacho Martin, 2005, 12 mins, Color.)
-El Mar (The Sea, Víctor Iriarte, 2010, 22 mins, Color)
-Les variations Dielman (Fernando Franco, 2010, 12 mins, Color)
-Límites: Primera Persona (First person, León Siminiani. 2008, 8 mins, Color)

Les variations Dielman (2010) Fernando Franco
For(r)est in the des(s)ert (2006) Luis Berdejo


"Films that think, images that beat, sounds which play ping-pong. This program represents an intense capsule reflecting diverse and exciting talents in contemporary Spanish avant-garde cinema. Coming from darkness, animation, found footage and the exploration of visual and sonic textures describe the illness and cure of the individual in the present, the opening of other spaces and dimensions, luminous new landscapes, paranormal events. "They are already here. Or maybe they are just in our imagination. One way or another, unexpected things happen…". (Garbiñe Ortega)

-Hezurbeltzak. Una Fosa Común de Izibene Oñederra (2007) 4 min.
-Copy Scream de Oriol Sánchez (2007) 3 min.
-The end de Fernando Franco (2008) 6 min.
-Tabla aeróbica Nº4. Estudio para pintores de Gonzalo de Pedro (2007) 9 min.
-Kinky hoodoo voodoo de Velasco Broca (2004) 8 min.
-Alone de Gerard Freixes (2008) 4 min.
-Digital de León Siminiani (2005) 7 min.
-For(r)est in the des(s)ert  de Luis Berdejo (2006) 12 min.
-Cómo dibujar animales tristes o cuaderno de todas las cosas vivas y muertas que imaginé la noche que te fuiste para siempre (How to draw sad animals or a notebook of all the living and dead things I thought of the night you left for ever) de Laboratorium (2009) 7 min.

Noviembre 10 en el Pacific Film Archive de Berkeley. Sesión 1: Inner Geography.
Noviembre 14 en ATA en San Francisco. Sesión especial: Spanish Cooking and its Indigestions. Comisariado junto con Gonzalo de Pedro.
Noviembre 17 en San Francisco Cinematheque. Sesión 2: There's something else.
Diciembre 5 en LAFilmForum, LA. Sesión 2: There's something else.
Diciembre 7 en CalArts, LA. Sesión 1: Inner Geography.
Diciembre 12 en UnionDocs, NYC. Sesión 2: There's something else.
Diciembre 14 en King Juan Carlos I University, NYC. Sesión 1: Inner Geography.

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