1 de noviembre de 2010

Fear Found Footage From Spain

Fear found footage from Spain at the Microscope Gallery
Curated by Albert Alcoz

Sunday october 31st
& monday november 1st
The experimental filmmakers from Spain use found footage techniques to transform the original material appropiated into new aesthetic forms with ideological discourses. As Paul Arthur has stated: “It is only an ostensible paradox that as cinema nears the end of its filmic phase, the avant-garde has adopted the inquest of history as one of its dominant projects”. The pieces chosen for the Fear found footage from Spain recover the cinematic past to reveal the invisible side of the image suggesting fear and suspiciousness. Erotic amateur films, auteur cinema and feature horror films are subverted to celebrate the existence of moving images and the possibility to recycle them.

A Spanish Delight (2007) by Eugeni Bonet. 5 min.
Miralls (Mirrors, 2006) by Gerard Gil. 21 min.
Copyright is for losers (2008) by Ninotchka Art Project. 24 min.
Profanaciones (Desecrations, 2008) by Oriol Sánchez. 22 min.
The End (2008) by Fernando Franco. 6 min.

Total: 78 minutes aprox.

A Spanish Delight (2007) Eugeni Bonet
Miralls (Mirrors, 2006) Gerard Gil
Copyright is for losers (2008) Ninotchka Art Project
Profanaciones (2008) Oriol Sánchez
The End (2008) Fernando Franco

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