9 de febrero de 2007

Keith Sanborn - The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility

Some conclusions by the users after seeing the video in Youtube:
"How many companies have one of the FBI Warnings of their own."
"I'm not sure. I bet it's partially up to the company who masters the DVD. I was getting trained the other day on how to set the DVD design so that people are unable to bypass the warning. I could be a bastard when i grow up :)"
"What music is used in this? It sounds like Persuasive Percussion by the Enoch Light Orchestra. I hate music not being listed in credits."
"Yeah, I spend my time hating that too. ;)"
"I love how the related videos are of boys making out. that is so cool."
"Copyright is theft."
"Dear sir, I'm writing to inform you that the aforementioned phrase "copyright is theft", and the letters A through Z are the intellectual property of Acme Amalgamated Incorporated and Assosiates Corporation. This arrangement of letters is in direct violation of clause 63f of your computer keyboard license agreement. We work hard to protect our intellectual property and brands, and hope you will consider retracting the above infringing statement rather than face a lengthy and costly legal battle."
"The music sounds like a very nice version of Mack The Knife from Kurt Weill."
"There are some FBI warnings he forgot to include. Where are the ones included on the early Disney videos from the 1980s?"
"They have 2 of them."
"We know the one from Warner Home Video/ PBS home video."
"Aahhhh, the ever-evolving FBI Warning Screen. Why isn't the famous Rhino Home Video spoof in here? That one's a classic."
"The music was the best part - good old elevator music. Very interesting though."
"I know that bastard!"
"M A C K T H E K N I F E !!!"
"So true... sniff..."
"I just these fbi warnings because they remind me of these tapes."