15 de febrero de 2007

Éric Rondepierre - Décomposition

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  1. Anónimo5:32 p. m.

    This still is so beautiful!!!!! Tell me more about it . . .

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    The truth is that i don't know anything about it. Weel just that Éric Rondepierre is a photographer and not a filmmaker. I saw this picture in a magazine thinking it was a Decasia or another Bill Morisson's frame still. Maybe googling you'll be able to know much about him.

  3. Anónimo4:57 p. m.

    I was wondering if it was a photo. I think that Decomposition is almost better than Decasia. Sssshh. :)

  4. i agree with you jennifer.
    Decasia i way overrated. in decomposition beauty i prefer his Light is Calling. very similar to this picture.


  5. Anónimo5:53 p. m.

    Right on, P. I have to see Light is Calling . . .

  6. In fact checking the pictures by Rondepierre in goolge I found a picture of Morrisson's Light is calling.

  7. dear lord, what a beautiful still!!!!! Do you know of any vhs/dvd availability? Of his films?

  8. Well well I made a mistake. Yesterday I was talking with mister Pip Chodorov and he told me Éric Rondepierre has create some movies. QWe will have to make a research, even though i think it would be really difficult to see them.

  9. I truly hope Pip can find something...

  10. Is a moire called Confidence.
    Why you don't look his webpage?
    There are all the info about his work.


    Decasia (overrated)
    Light is Calling (glorius sparkles)