23 de noviembre de 2008

Treasures IV: American Avant-Garde Film, 1947-1986

National Film Preservation Foundation

Incluye los siguientes títulos:

"Here I Am" (Bruce Baillie) - 1962,
"Aleph" (Wallace Berman),
"The Riddle of Lumen" (Stan Brakhage) - 1972,
"Eyewash" (Robert Breer) -1959,
"Bridges-Go-Round" (Shirley Clarke) - 1958,
"By Night with Torch and Spear" (Joseph Cornell),
"Pey ote Queen" (Storm De Hirsch),
"nostalgia" (Hollis Frampton),
"Fog Line" (Larry Gottheim) - 1970,
"Little Stabs at Happiness" (Ken Jacobs) - 1960,
"Hamfat Asar" (Lawrence Jordan),
"I, an Actress (George Kuchar) - 1970,
"New Improved Institutional Quality" (Owen Land) - 1969,
"Necrology" (Standish Lawder) -1971,
"Note to Patti" (Saul Levine),
"The End" (Christopher Maclaine) -1953,
"Notes on the Circus" (Jonas Mekas) - 1966,
"Go! Go! Go!" (Marie Menken) - 1964,
"The Off-Handed Jape... and How to Pull It Off" (Robert Nelson & William T. Wiley),
"7362" (Pat O'Neill) - 1989,
"Chumlum" (Ron Rice) - 1964,
"Bad Burns" (Paul Sharits) ,
"Odds & Ends" (Jane Conger Belson Shimane),
"Film No. 3: Interwoven" (Chick Strand) - 1979,
"Mario Banana (No. 1)" (Andy Warhol) -1964

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